aferrellart.weebly.comProduct line info Business creation for Amanda has been running strong for 000 years . The majority of her art works and advertisements are independently published and manufacture Many of Amanda Ferrell artworks are hand created and are uniquely done as fine art murals, paintings, original portraits, graphite sketches, graphic design images, hand crafted mediums; designer wear and logo commercial art. There are other images also created by Amanda. Here retail art products are in the form of graphic designed greeting cards, notebooks, photo prints, posters ; crafts , artistic journals which the public greatly desire and loves. in various A.Ferrell Creative Art is a company that has a fun and energetic style and flavor. Art description A.Ferrell creative art carries different originally custom-made and designer works also. From home décor handcrafts to wearable art. She also do commission art mural projects, personal, non-profit and and business logos more. It is universal art that is well loved by many. A.Ferrell Creative Art demonstrates a variety of contemporary artwork , handdrawn or painted, and a urban artistic style through signature artworks and handcraft products. A.Ferrell Creative Art original art is filled with emotions, characteristics, depth, textures, mixed media, glitz and diverse style. Which often offers a variety of choices when it come to creative art. AF also teaches a variety of individual feminity in urban style. Expressive in many bold colors and one of a kind designs. A. Ferrell shows the world, one.. Our categories of selection: Original Art Art Prints/Posters Office/ Stationary Tools Greeting Cards Designer Art Wearable Apparel Handcrafts Bags Designer Art Accessories Custom Apparel Design Custom Services Hand Painted Logos Graphic Design Logos Amanda Ferrell also does many public non profit entertainment events’ gallery showcases. Exhibiting where you can view and purchase the art and product at the given time.